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Marble Ganesh Statue

Pick the best as per the demands from this amazing collection of Marble Ganesh Statues! They are designed using high-grade marble with elegant colors and paints to enhance the facial features. In addition, they are available with premium coating to resist the effects of abrasion and wearing. These attractively designed Marble Ganesh Statues are ideal for worshiping as well as home decoration. These beautiful and unique statues are ideal to be gifted to near and dear ones. 

White God Marble Statue

White Marble Ganesh Statue, This Ganesh is in original white marble super white quality of makrana marble stone. We are offering this white marble statues in reasonable price.

-White Marble Ganesh Statue

-Size 21 Inch

-Quality in Pure super White marble

-Easy to clean


-Sold by @devi Moorti Kala

Black Ganesh Marble Murti

-Black Ganesh Marble statue design by @devi Moorti. This black marble Ganesh statue available in all sizes in pure black marble stone.

- Black Ganesh Marble statue

- Size : 12 | 15 | 18 | 21 | 24 | 27 | 30 

- Theme : Black idols Tamil Design pattern

- Quality in Black marble solid stone   

- Sold By : Devi Moorti kala kendre

- World wide delivery available 

12 Inch Ganesh Marble Statue

White marble Ganesh statue in 12 inch size. We are offering this pure white marble ganesh statue in wide range.

-Marble White Ganesh Statue

-Size 12 inch 

-Height 12 , Width 8 , Depth 4 Inch.

-Pattern : Golden Platted design.

-Quality : Super white Marble Life time quality.

-Easy to Install and clean

-Easy to setup.

-Durable life long.

-We are providing to Completed home delivery service.

 -Sold by : Devi Moorti Group


Vinayak Marble God statue

white marble Vinayak statue created b devi moorti jaipur. This White marble Vinayak statues available in all size.  Beautiful craft product 

Quality : White marble stone

size : 2 feet

uses : Home , temple , personal , garden  

PunchMukhi Ganesh Marble Statue

White Marble Punch Mukhi Ganesh Marble Stone Statue. This five face Ganesh statue available and created using handmade tools.

This type of marble statue available in White and black marble Stone.

Size 2 Feet

Mode - 5 Face

Quality in Pure white and black stone solid.

Design Hand-made

Marble Ganesh Statue

Marble Ganesh Morti

Marble Statue seller in USA. This marble Ganesh statue available in all sizes and different patterns by Devi moorti Kala kendre.  This marble statue moorti in white pure marble stone developed by handmade tools 

Pure White Marble Ganesh Statue

Pure White Marble Ganesh Statue 

Beautiful marble Ganesha Ganesh statue available in all sizes and different patterns by Devi moorti Kala kendre Jaipur. 

This Ganesh is in better for home used as well as temple. 

Marble Ganesh Laxmi Statue

Ganesh Moorti Marble Statue

Ganesh Marble Moorti

Lord Marble Ganesh Statue

Lord Marble Ganesh Idols

Marble White Ganesh Moorti Statue

Marble Chowki Ganesh Moorti Statue

Lord Marble Ganpati Moorti

We provide white, golden and red colored Lord Marble Ganpati Moorti in high-grade marble to ensure maximum durability and elegance. This is available with long-lasting sheen that can be maintained for years. It is a hard-wearing moorti available in sitting position with real facial expressions and features. 

Marble Ganesh Statue

Marble Ganesh Moorti

White Marble Ganesha Moorti


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