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Marble Ganesh Statue

Marble Ganesh Statues are the alluring idols, which are placed in house, hospitals and workplaces. Lord Ganesh is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. These god idols are extremely durable and resistant to fading.

Marble Radha Krishan Statue

Marble Radha Rani Statue is the idol of radha rani, which can be kept in homes at any time of the year, but most specifically on the occasion of Janmashtami.

Marble Ram Darbaar Statue

The Ram Darbar statues are symbolic of family love. These are made from heavy-duty marble and exhibit traditional hues. These can be kept in the temples of offices, homes, etc.

Marble Durga Mata Statue

Marble Durga mata statues have been crafted from top notch quality marbles, which last long. The ecstatic workmanship of these statues reflect the creativity of the craftsmen. These also show the artistic perfection.

Marble Sai Baba Statue

Marbel Sai baba statues are the best quality statues, made by using high-grade white marble in several designs as well as poses. These are of realistic looks and facial expressions and used in homes and temples for worshipping.

Marble Hanuman Statue

Marble Hanuman statues are the symbol of excellence and heroic strength. Made from high-quality marble with premium colors and paints, these look so real and elegant. Finishing of these idols is extremely laudable.

Marble Shiv Parivaar Statue

Marble Shiv parivar statues are the attractive combination of different vibrant colors and shades. These are known well for their sturdiness, alluring visage, enhanced quality and real-life like face features.

Marble Saraswati Statue

Saraswtai mata is the goddess of music, knowledge, wisdom and fame brought by these. Marble Saraswati statue is an antique idol, which is used for worshipping in temple, house and educational establishments, such as colleges, schools etc.

Marble Laxmi Statue

Marble Laxmi Statues are the idols of mata Laxmi, a Hindu goddess of money, happiness and prosperity. These have been made from high-quality, shiny and durable marbles. The statues are kept in the temples of offices, homes, etc.

Marble Jain Statue

Marble Jain statues can work as the best gifting idols, which can beautify the homes making them more peaceful and calm. These can be added in several corners of the house.

Marble Dattatreya Statue
Marble Animals Statue

Marble animal statues are the best ways to decorate your house. These look so classic and lavish, enhancing the view and worth of house and bungalow. These are resistant to yellow and incredibly durable.

Marble Buddha Statue
Marble Bust Photos Statue
Marble Lord  Shiva Statue
Marble God Statue

Marble god statues we deal in are the super affordable religious idols, which can be used for Pooja rooms of your house and workplace. These look so beautiful and are superbly durable.

Marble Shiva Ji Statue
Black Marble Statues
Marble Gurunank Statue
Ramakrishna Marble Statue
Marble Swami Vivakanand Statue
Marble Nandi Statue
Vittal Rukmani Marble Statue
Marble Human Statue

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