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Marble Jain Statue

Marble Jain Statues are the best ways to spread positive as well as relaxing energy in the house, workplaces, etc. These are symbolic of enlightenment, eternal knowledge and tranquility. Placing these figurines ensure a peace of mind and maintenance of aura. These can be placed in Pooja rooms and drawing rooms. Marble Jain Statues are made from marble and have a high grade polish for. Fabricated from a durable and hard sculpture material, these allow for simple workability. These are of fine grain structure and boast of beautiful and intricate detailing. Statues in this range are in white color.

Lord Digamber Jain Marble Statue

Marble Buddha Digamber Lord Mahaveer Jain statue by Devi moorti Kala kendre Jaipur. 

Marble Buddha Statue

Marble Buddha statue. 

Buddha Marble Statue

Marble Buddha statue in white pure stone. Devi moorti Kala kendre provide these kinds of statues in wide price 

Marble Mahaveer Jain Moorti


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