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Marble Shiv Parivaar Statue

Shiv Parivar highlights the qualities of Shiva as a great father and husband. The Parivar includes Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesh. We provide appealing and durable Marble Shiv Parivar Statues made of high-quality marble with unmatched finishing to ensure long-lasting sheen. They are available in attractive combination of shades and colors for enhancing the quality. In addition, these Marble Shiv Parivar Statues are provided with real-life like face and features to add quality to the temples of the spaces.

marble Gori sanker statue

White marble gori sanker statue crafted and offered by devi moorti kala kendre. This shiv parivaar statue are made in pure stone marble with in single marble stone. We are offering multiple sizes accordingly customer requierments.

White Marble Shiva murti

White Shiva Marble Statue. This statue is crafted by handmade tools. This White Shiva marble statue contain 3 statue Shiv Parvati and Ganesh Ji.

Beautiful Marble Shiv Parivaar Statue

Beautiful marble Shiva statue available in all sizes.  This marble Shiv Parivaar statues always choice to our customers.

We offer these kinds of statues and moorties in customize size. 

God marble statues,  Marble shiv parivaar statues,  Shiv Family statues 

Marble Mahadev Family Statue

Marble Gori Shankar Statue

Marble Gori Shanker statue. 

White Marble Shiv Parivaar Statue

White pure marble shiv parivaar family statues. 

Shiv Mahadev Marble Statue

Marble shiv mahadev marble statues available in all sizes and different patterns and multiple colors. 

Stylish Marble Shiv Statue

Stylish Marble shiv mahadev statue. 

White Marble Shiva Statue

Marble shiv Mahadev statue available in all sizes and different patterns. 

Marble Parad Shivling Statue

Marble shiv parad Shivling statue 

Shiv Parvati Marble Statue

Marble shiv parvati Statue. 

Marble Shiv Family Statue

White Marble Sitting Shiv Statue

Marble Shiv Parivaar Morti

Marble shiv parivaar family statues available in all sizes.  These statue including lord Ganesha, kartik, shiv, parvati and Mandi. 

Marble Shiv Parvati Statue

Marble God Statue

Marble Shiv Family Statues


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